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With a rich experience of over 22 years, Mr. Philip Forse has mastered carpentry and is highly professional in his work. Over the past two decades, he has been making furniture, including baby bed and other baby furniture. Catering to the needs of clients all over Wales and UK, he is a master carpenter and has been associated with several local businesses to provide the best quality services to his clients.

Philip and team have been manufacturing the best quality children’s furniture since 22 years and he strives to bring quality and style at affordable prices to his clients, especially children. Philip also puts his creativity ahead and shops for accessories from all over the world to ensure that the children’s room is lively and much appreciated by the kids. We design children furniture in all designs, ranging from truck beds, pirate cot beds, doll house rooms, castle rooms etc.

Our Philosophy
We take special care of our customers and walk the extra mile to ensure that they are highly satisfied with our services. We understand the needs of the customers clearly to deliver with them what they want exactly. We understand that the customers might be confused at times and we bridge the gap by helping them decide, so that they can make the right choices. Our experts are glad to help the customers by offering them tips and helping them choose the best for their children. Also, we collect feedback from our clients and work on it so that we continuously improve the customer experience.

We strive to deliver our customers with the best and due to this; we have been able to have a large customer base, which are highly appreciative of our furniture and our quality of service. Mr. Philip Forse supervises his workforce closely so that stringent quality is maintained and thus, you can be absolutely safe about the service quality we offer.

Our Furniture
All the furniture we manufacture is hand-made and is prepared using the best quality hard oak wood available in Wales. It is highly durable and will not show any signs of damage despite being subject to harsh weather conditions. All our furniture comes with a warranty of ten years for the workmanship. Due to the usage of oak timber for the finishing, we are able to manufacture furniture that has a rich look and lasts for a long time. You can also choose the design and stain on the finish that will go in sync and blend well with your existing room furniture. Ultimately, the furniture we design will be delightful and you will be happy!

You can contact us with any special requirement that you think cannot be implemented and our experts will be glad to design a solution for you and turn it to reality. You can go through our gallery to know more about our work since the past few years and know more about what our previous customers have to say.




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True craftsmanship is a rarity in this day and age and Ben and Philip has created several pieces of furniture for our young children that you could simply not go out and buy. The way Ben and his team integrated my ideas into practical and detailed designs, turned the work into something that was beyond what I could have even imagined. I am delighted with the results.