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Initially, when your baby is small, it will spend most of its time on the baby cot. Hence, it is important that you select a cot or cot bed your baby without any compromises. You would definitely want the best things for your baby. So, would you take a chance while choosing the baby bed, in which the baby would be spending majority of its time for the next few months?

We have a wide range of designer baby kids that will best complement your furniture and if you do not like any of the ones we already have, you can always share with us about what you expect and we will be glad to make a designer custom baby bed in Wales and UK. Till date, we have catered the needs of several parents who have hired our services for baby beds, and we have ensured that the customer satisfaction is 100%.

If you need a unique bed, you can contact us and we will be able to create bespoke beds based on your requirements. Our intent is to enable the children to have imaginative dreams by looking at the furniture we make and thereby, let them sleep and enjoy the day peacefully resting in our furniture. Also, we manufacture the baby beds from high quality timber sourced from Wales, resulting in long lasting and durable baby beds.

You can have a look at the types of designer beds we offer by navigating to our Gallery page and you will certainly be amazed looking at our designs. We manufacture the beds using the best quality wood available and incorporate traditional furniture making that are proven since centuries, thereby ensuring you of the best quality furniture. You would be amazed to know that our beds are also used by celebrities and other popular figures!

True craftsmanship is a rarity in this day and age and Ben and Philip has created several pieces of furniture for our young children that you could simply not go out and buy. The way Ben and his team integrated my ideas into practical and detailed designs, turned the work into something that was beyond what I could have even imagined. I am delighted with the results.
Joan Simons Cardiff

Bespoke Baby Cots

Carriage Themed CotIf you are planning for a wonderful and custom space for your baby, then why wait or let that imagination fade? Get in touch with our team, who would be glad to bring your dreams to life and you can sit with our team to design your dream furniture. You can also have a look at our previous work and you can draw ideas based on the catalogue we present. Our designers will be able to create the designer bespoke baby cots based on your choice using the best quality materials.

Quality Baby Cots Promise

All the cots we manufacture at Cots of Distinction adhere to the safety standards specified by Europe and we ensure that all the materials we use are absolutely safe for the baby. All the beautiful and luxurious furniture for your baby can be made by us. Design your baby’s furniture the way you want it to be. We will get your creativity to life by leveraging on our highly experienced workforce. Get in touch with us now and you will be impressed with the quality of services we offer at the most competitive prices.