If can you imagine it, We can build it

It is an excellent idea to have your children’s bedroom based on a theme, so that they have a feeling of living in fantasy. Would it not be wonderful to transform your child’s room into a spaceship and have the corresponding look and feel? They will have a feeling of living in a different world and will be happy at the end of the day looking at their beautiful room. We offer bedroom designs for multiple themes and some of the most popular ones include Pirate theme, castle theme, car theme etc. We discuss more about each of the themes in the content below:

True craftsmanship is a rarity in this day and age and Ben and Philip has created several pieces of furniture for our young children that you could simply not go out and buy. The way Ben and his team integrated my ideas into practical and detailed designs, turned the work into something that was beyond what I could have even imagined. I am delighted with the results.
Joan Simons Cardiff

Pirate Themed Bedroom for kids

Pirate Themed Bedroom for kidsA pirate themed bedroom is a wonderful idea and the focus should mainly lie on the bed, which would incorporate features inspired from pirates. All the other furniture and designs present in the room will match that of a pirate. You can have a look at the gallery to know more about how this is implemented.
Our experts will also have several ideas in mind to help you accessorise the room appropriately, such as carvings, paintings, treasure chest etc. that seek inspiration from pirates. The creative team also enjoys implementing this as they will be able to make the imagination of the children come true! Ahoy! If you have not yet decided on this, you should call our experts and they will help you with your imagination.

Castle Themed Bedroom for kids

Castle Themed Bedroom for kidsKids love fairytales and they would love to live in one! We can help you design a castle themed bedroom for your kids, by incorporating structures that look like a castle, such as a princess mirror, antique styled lights and the bed resembling that of a queen. Overall, it would be a wonderful place and after we transform your room, you will have a feeling of entering a castle when you enter the room.

Car Themed bedroom for kids

Car Themed bedroom for kidsChildren love cars and are fascinated by it. So why not make them sleep in one? Your child would love it if they are sleeping in something that resembles a car. How about a wheel close to the bed, that also doubles up as a switch? Our creative artists work their best and let their imagination go wild, so that we can deliver you with a wonderful car themed bedroom, which will greatly fascinate your kid.

We have several other themes that can be worked upon or modified based the taste of your child. Our previous clients have been amazed looking at the way we have transformed their bedrooms. There are princess themes, boxer themes, garage themes etc. and we can create a mix and match of themes as well.

Looking to renovate or give a facelift to your child’s room? Do not search any further and get in touch with us at the earliest. Our designers will meet you and provide you with a quote along with the design, based on which you can decide.